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Chapter Regulations

Chapter(s) of SERO shall be formed under the following “minimum established standards” by the SERO Executive Board:

ARTICLE I – Organization
Any group of at least ten (10) SERO members, in good standing of SERO, may establish a Chapter of the organization by (a) applying to the SERO Executive Board and receiving approval of the proposed Chapter, and (b) adopting and submitting by-laws for the proposed Chapter which shall meet all minimum standards established by the SERO Executive Board, and (c) all Chapter officers shall maintain active membership in the SERO State organization, and (d) all Chapter members shall be encouraged to become and maintain State SERO membership, and (e) may be organized by or consistent with School Districts, however, this is NOT a mandatory requirement.

It is the policy of the SERO organization not to discriminate against members based on race, religion or gender.

ARTICLE II – Chapter Meetings
Chapters shall meet no less than two (2) times per year. Meeting dates and location of meeting shall be established by Chapter Officers and approved by a majority of the Chapter members present.

ARTICLE III – Chapter Officers
Chapters shall be formed and consist of the following officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Additional offices may be added. More than one office may be combined if unable to secure candidates for each office.

ARTICLE IV – Election and term of office
Officers shall be nominated and elected either annually or biannually. Chapters shall be required to submit a listing of the new officers to the State SERO office no later than 30 days after election. Any change in officers shall be forwarded to the SERO offices immediately.

ARTICLE V – Types of membership
Active membership – (School Employee Retiree) or Associate membership (spouse of School Employee Retiree)

ARTICLE VI – SERO Annual Meeting
Chapter Officers and chapter members are encouraged to attend the Annual meeting of SERO.

ARTICLE VII – Procedures
Chapter procedure of meetings shall be operated in accordance with the SERO Constitution, Robert’s Rules of Order and by rules of the Ohio Revised Code concerning non-profit organizations. No Chapter shall engage in any activities that will discredit the organization, jeopardize SERO’s non-profit status or that are in conflict with the Constitution of SERO.

ARTICLE VIII – SERO Constitution
Each Chapter shall have on file the current Constitution of the School Employee Retirees of Ohio, Inc.

ARTICLE IX – Dissolution of Chapter
Any Chapter that ceases to operate shall be required to forward ALL records and un-spent financial support received by the Chapter from the State SERO organization to the SERO office.

ARTICLE X – Clarifications
Any matter not understood by the Chapter, may be clarified by the SERO Executive Board