Go Local

Go Local

Get Involved In Your Local Chapter

Start A SERO Chapter

Any member in good standing who wishes a Chapter of SERO for their local area may request that the SERO organization review interest from general membership for SERO Chapter in the local area. If initial interest is sufficient to support a Chapter, then an organizational meeting will be held in the local area. An interested retiree from the area will work with the SERO staff to initiate the first meeting at a local facility that supports such meetings. Many Chapters meet at local restaurants, Senior Centers or a common meeting location. It is not common that Chapters pay for this location, however, at restaurants, many groups have coffee, tea, or a meal while meeting.

The SERO office will provide speakers and information for this meeting. At this meeting, members will be solicited to assist in the formation of the SERO Chapter. If volunteers step forward, and there are at least 10 SERO members who confirm their interest in the Chapter, then the process will begin. Those ten members will apply for a Chapter Charter from the SERO state office and once approved, the Chapter is born. The state office will forward the Chapter Guidelines and Regulations along with information on financial support from the state office.

SERO will then forward other SERO members in the local area to the Chapter. They may do a mailing to notify that there is now a group of SERO existence locally and to invite them to a meeting. The Chapter members themselves may know retirees from their districts that they may want to invite to a local meeting.

SERO has a wide variety of representatives that will come and speak at Chapter meetings to inform members of the many important retiree and Senior concerns.