10,000 Members Strong

10,000 Members Strong

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Membership (old)

SERO promotes the interests and welfare of retired and current school employees just like you!  We educate our members about matters like pending legislation, pension trends, and healthcare costs – things that directly affect you in retirement. 

SERO also supports Ohio school employees and retirees be educating elected officials about their needs.  We seek sponsorship and support from national and statewide legislation which will contribute to your economic and social welfare.   It is our hope that you will join us so that we can remain a strong ally for you and all school employees and retirees in Ohio. 

The SERO Newsletter contains current event information designed specifically for School Employees and retirees.  The publication includes information on state and federal legislation, health care, SERS and many issues that retirees face.

Information Resource
SERO provides information and direction on issues affecting retirees.  The SERO office maintains legislative listings, health care, and many SERS retiree/senior assistance organization contacts. 

Local SERO Chapters
SERO proudly serves local chapters throughout Ohio.  Our goal is for a chapter in every county in Ohio.  Contact the SERO office to find a SERO Chapter near you. 

Access to quality Supplemental Health Benefits
SERO has negotiated supplemental insurance benefits for our members through Association Member Benefits Advisors (AMBA).  Benefits such as Long Term Care/Home Health Care, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medical Air Services, Cancer, Heart, and Whole Life policies are designed specifically for retires school employees.  Members also benefit from discounted group rates for dental and vision plans.

For more information on these, see our Benefits section or call AMBA at 1-800-258-7041.

Additional Discounts
Members can also benefit from additional discounted programs such as hearing benefits, computer discounts, travel and vacation discounts, flowers, restaurants, hotels, and rental cars.  Membership with SERO is required to take advantage of these benefits.



For any questions on Membership or more information please call (877)514-0660.