New Social Security Scam Alert!

Authorities from several agencies are alerting the public about an increase in many scams involving your social security number. The public should be on the lookout for phishing emails and telephone scams regarding alleged illegal activity or unpaid tax bills with a threat to suspend your social security number if you do not return their call immediately. There are variations to the scams to ultimately gain access to your private account information. More scammers are using software to disguise the phone number to make it more likely people will answer the calls.
The Federal Trade Commission said earlier this year for the first time, scams where con artists pretend to represent a government agency topped its list of consumer complaints.
The first line of defense would be to hang up upon receiving a call. Never give out any private information and stay alert to any calls or emails where someone is requesting personal information.

SERS Welcomes New Deputy Executive Director

-January 22, 2019

SERS recently announced the appointment of Karen Roggenkamp as SERS' next deputy executive director, effective January 28, 2019. Roggenkamp will oversee the administration of SERS' Member Services, Health Care, Information Technology, Administrative Services, and Human Resources departments.
Further details regarding Roggenkamp's experience and background can be viewed at the link below.

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New SERO Employee

Please join SERO in welcoming Nicole Shrestha as part of our Management staff.  Nicole comes to SERO with impressive skills and experience in Administration, Marketing and Publications.   Nicole has joined SERO as our Office Manager and Graphic Media Director.  Nicole will be learning our organizational goals and objectives and will partner with our Executive Director on many new and innovative projects. Nicole is already learning about our membership and you may get the opportunity to speak directly to Nicole when you call in to the SERO office.  We know you will offer your warm welcome to her as well.

New Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) Legislation Announced

Representatives Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and Richard Neal (R-Texas) have just introduced H.R. 6933: "To amend title II of the Social Security Act to replace the windfall elimination provision with a formula equalizing benefits for certain individuals with non-covered employment, and for other purposes".

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Senior Real Estate Scam

Contact Franklin County Auditor's Office at 614-525-4663 if you receive anything in the mail promising real estate information.

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Watch for Scams with New Medicare Cards

Medicare has announced new ID cards to prevent fraud, but recipients must be vigilant and watch for scammers, even so.


(10/11/17) After considering alternate proposals aimed at immediately improving SERS’ financial position and reaching its long-term funding goals, the Board approved a three-year COLA suspension for current retirees and benefit recipients. Ultimately, after weighing the financial advice of the System’s actuary, the Board chose the three-year COLA suspension as the best way to improve the System’s financial footing while limiting the impact to retirees and benefit recipients as much as possible.

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Medicare Premium Nonsense

You may have heard that the Medicare Part “B” Premium is increasing thanks to the new health care laws that have passed. The new premium is not yet announced by Medicare but IT IS NOT $247.00 as suggested by some scare articles. Estimates from Medicare indicate nominal increases should be expected for 2013 and 2014. In similar articles a statement is made that real estate transactions in 2012 and future will require homeowners to pay 3.8% tax on the transaction. This statement is false.